Our Services

Mallet Advogados Associados offers a specialized service in labour law, on contentious and non-contentious matters, in all degrees of jurisdiction, administrative and judicial, as well as assists on arbitration proceedings and collective bargaining.


Our social and environmental responsibility

Our law firm has been providing “pro bono” legal services pursuant to article 4 of Resolution of Pro Bono Sectional Paulista OAB dated August 19, 2002.  Legal activities, in labor and civil areas, on contentious and non contentious matters, for philanthropic entities and persons in need began to be performed by our team. From that moment, a partnership was established with the Pro-Bono Institute and PEA, which will be extended to other entities.The use of recycled paper, the use of draft paper for internal prints, the conscientiousness regarding the use of renewable energy, the use of alternative transportation, as well as the pioneering project to plant trees in public places, show our social and environmental concerns, as a result of the work and awareness of the entire team. A street dog has been adopted by our team in august 2010. Today our dog makes the work environment more pleasant and he impresses our clients.




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